Workplace Investigations

Devella Investigations has been formed under the Devella Consulting Pty Ltd charter. Devella Investigations has built on a solid network of professionals across multiple sectors, providing detailed advice to various businesses, from the most complex of workplace misconduct and serious misconduct matters, along with insurance investigation and workers compensation matters.

Our approach is transparent discussing with each client, all available options ensuring the client and their needs are met. We provide a range of options to the client at the first instance, detailed under our 'Scope of Works' document, which provides the client with the terms of reference of the services required, the duration and the costing leaving no hidden information. We aim to perform the work to the highest of quality and at competitive price, going above and beyond for each and every client we service, even for the smallest of matters.

All of our clients receive a detailed investigation plan, which outlines what work needs to done throughout the duration of the matter presented.

We provide to the client, detailed progress reports throughout the matter, keeping all parties informed.

Investigators and safety professionals at Devella Investigations have detailed experience conducting interviews with many persons, via electronic interviewing, typed statement and online remote interviewing procedures. Those skills have been gained by many years of experience, with our operatives working within, law enforcement operations, the insurance sector and the private industry, having detailed experience in both the government and private sector.



Our business model ensures a thorough review of all matters complying with quality assurance, prior to the final investigation report.  We ensure compliance and diligence with all matters we manage.  Our operatives and Directors have extensive experience within the investigative sector at the highest level, within case management and managing the most serious of matters within the private and corporate sector, drawing upon many years of industry acquired knowledge and experience. Our experience  is exclusive and not limited to operatives with a law enforcement background and within the private sector, making Devella Investigations a reputable and confident investigations firm. 

Devella Investigations promote a no obligation free consultation approach outlining our process with the client, at the first point of call, to ensure the client obtains the information about the services they require without any pressured contracts, agreements in the initial enquiry stage. We tailor our approach to suit the client and their needs, from start to finish of any matter we undertake. We ensure we meet the market and provide a competitive cost for all of our clients.

Complex investigations and Safety Consulting

Our approach to the most serious of investigations is nothing short of imperial. Devella Investigations have the industry experience and knowledge to take on any matter, big or small. We also take on matters as a result of Arson, with our operatives holding exclusive training in Arson, trained by both NSW Police Force and NSW Fire Brigades.

Our expertise within investigation is within the field of, sexual harassment, harassment and bullying, cyber bullying / harassment, complex fraud, workplace policy violation and code of conduct breach, also experienced in referring matters for criminal investigation, where we work closely with external stakeholders in providing detailed information in the form of evidence obtained throughout civil matters. 

Our capability and network of professionals allows us to successfully present the finest of investigation reports both here and overseas.