Work Health & Safety Management

Devella Investigations, have the capability to attend and assess your business and provide a safety and risk audit in compliance with the ISO Framework or industry built framework and can guide and assist the client on their business safety model, working towards a zero harm workplace.

Our work consists of, detailed risk assessments, standing operating procedures that comply with the model Work Health and Safety legislation and regulation. Ensuring businesses are equipped with the most up-to-date policy information and requirements of industry compliance.

We hold a Dangerous Goods Licence by NSW EPA and have experience within the dangerous goods transport sector, ensuring businesses comply with the Dangerous Goods Code and storage requirements and PPE for Dangerous Goods Drivers.

If it's wanting guidance on how to build an injury register, to comply with legislation for workplace injuries and to create Return to Work (RTW) options for an injured worker. We can assist. We have detailed experience in dealing with injured workers, with our experience assisting major insurers within the Workers Compensation field. 

We can also discuss managing your injured workers external to the business, which is a cost saving to the business, remotely we are able to send updates on RTW plans and Workers Compensation requirements. Speak to us today about this option. 

For a free consultation, please reach out to us on, or complete the form on our website, and we will get back to you.