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We are a professional investigative firm in New South Wales & ACT

The Devella Investigations overview 

Devella Investigations is an Australia wide professional risk and integrity investigations firm focused on assisting workplaces manage, serious workplace misconduct investigations, complex HR issues, whistleblower notifications, complaints management and risk management.

Devella Investigations and their operatives have decades of professional experience coupled with operatives from law enforcement backgrounds, corporate and private sector, trades and services which make us unique in our approach to any situation due to our wide range of subject matter expertise. 

Our capability and elite suite of services has been designed to provide only the best customer service and professional report writing work which have been successful in overseeing highly sensitive inquiries into: Sexual harassment, bullying, fraud, cyber bullying, mental harm, code of conduct, heavy vehicle transport investigations, arson investigation, workplace fraud, workers compensation investigation, policy breach, risk management and WHS compliance. 

We pride the client on prompt service with only the best industry knowledge, using state of the art equipment and contemporary techniques allow Devella Investigations to continue to succeed and assist their clients in providing valuable nonbiased risk-based decisions.  

Devella Investigations services

Is it specialised investigation and hazard reduction in the workplace you are looking for - A breach of policy in your workplace or something more serious such as a complex employment matter in need of an external investigator to provide that impartiality?  Then you're at the right place. 

The team of experts here at Devella Investigations are ready to assist you. We have a wide range of experience in many industries here in Australia and overseas, providing clients with detailed solutions and resolutions to their needs arming them with a confident approach in the decision-making process or corrective action required.

About Us

Accreditations and Licensing

We are Master Security Licensed for investigation work in accordance with the Security Industry Act 1997 number; 412345144 which was previously held under the former, CAPI Act 2004

Our operatives also have accreditation Australia wide and can assist in person, remotely or electronically. 



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