About Us

A message from the Devella Team,

Our business is a preferred investigative and professional services supplier with multiple industries both locally and internationally, we are aligned with large corporations and have performed many investigations on behalf of law firms, NSW government, local government and nominal Insurers. Our business personnel have more than twenty years industry experience within frontline emergency services, corporate sector having a wide range of knowledge in the risk management arena. 

The Devella Investigations team, can provide a professional suite of capable licensed investigators, depending on the client and their needs, to cater for any industry large or small, our focus is on workplace misconduct investigations, code of conduct, hazard reduction, audit and online investigations. 

Our operatives have completed extensive training in HR consulting and misconduct, reportable conduct investigations [OCG], industrial relations, employee relations and major investigation, essentially gaining a high standard of investigative acumen, being trained by some of the best global professionals within the investigation sector such as, FBI, Law Enforcement Specialist Units and global accounting firms within the ISO framework on quality management and WHS adding to our knowledge.

Therefore, our experience across a wide range of forensic investigative matters, both workplace misconduct and insurance make us unique.

Reach out to one of our experienced team members today at Devella Investigations, we are here to assist your business for even the smallest of matters, leaving no stone unturned.

Kind regards,

Devella Investigations